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Commitment to Coaching

Question #1: Confrontation can be a positive thing.

Global Respondents Summary

  • Question

Confrontation can be a positive thing.

  • Response

a. Always

b. Usually

c. Sometimes

d. Never

  • Percentage





The business world has a widely-established set of norms when it comes to managing differences of opinion. Survey results in this area don’t vary much by country.

People can focus more on solving real issues once they accept the various personalities they work with.

Confrontation does not necessarily mean conflict. Confronting a potential conflict might even prevent it. Disagreement doesn’t necessarily imply argumentation. Open discussion about differing ideas and perspectives often brings out the best in people. This helps the overall organization. A corporate culture that encourages calm, rational behavior allows people to share ideas without becoming adversaries.

But how often do people feel that confrontation can be a positive thing? Over half, 52%, said ‘always’ or ‘usually’, an increase from last year’s report. A significant number of people (8%) responded ‘never’.

§ A coach from India sees clients “gain a different perspective and talk about insecurities, problems in a non-threatening atmosphere.”

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