Corporate Culture Index | Three Dimensions of Culture
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Three Dimensions of Culture

Are there ‘good’ and ‘bad’ corporate cultures? Of course. Organizations that lack awareness and make no efforts to improve their culture are typically lacking in this area. Their corporate culture will likely remain sour. People in those organizations are probably less likely to respond to this survey. Those who take part in this survey are interested in coaching and leadership, and our results reflect that.

Our questions are designed to examine three dimensions of corporate culture:

Command and Control

Communication and Cooperation

Commitment to Coaching

This report will look at each dimension of corporate culture and analyze three aspects of these dimensions – height, width and depth. Think of height as vertical – up and down, from management to lower levels of an organization. Width runs horizontal – various colleagues’ relationships. Finally, depth allows us to look at just how deeply ingrained the nature of coaching is.

So, for each aspect of corporate culture, this model gives us 3 questions designed to probe the following:

interactions from top to bottom (height)
interactions between peers (width)
the ingrained nature of coaching (depth)

Here are the questions; three questions about each dimension in corporate culture:

Already taken the survey? Check out the results that can help your corporate culture.