Corporate Culture Index | Communication and Cooperation
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Communication and Cooperation

Question #1: I see communication between every level of management.

Global Respondents Summary

  • Question

I see communication between every level of management.

  • Response

a. Always

b. Usually

c. Sometimes

d. Never

  • Percentage





Is there communication between every level of management? Globally, 65% of participants answered ‘always’ or ‘usually’. The USA leads the way here, though, with 72% responding ‘always’ or ‘usually’ compared to just 49% in the rest of the world.

Most executives and business leaders would be glad to know that a mere 2% answered in the negative category ‘never’. This means that in 98% of organizations there is at least some amount of communication between every level.

§ A coach from the UK enjoys the opportunity to “work with executives to positively influence workplace culture and employee engagement.”

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