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Command and Control

Question #1: Our leadership is democratic, not autocratic

Global Respondents Summary

  • Question

Our leadership is democratic, not autocratic.

  • Response

a. Always

b. Usually

c. Sometimes

d. Never

  • Percentage





A democratic mindset is part of an overall corporate culture – a set of shared rules and norms developed over time. It may not be required for an organization’s success, although from most typical employees’ perspectives, a general sense of democracy is a good thing. People want their voice to be heard.

We saw a marked improvement over last year’s survey on the question of whether leadership is democratic. Almost two-thirds (65%) of respondents gave a positive result – ‘always’ or ‘usually’.

The global stats are mirrored in the USA, where 14% said their organization was ‘always’ democratic and 47% answered ‘usually’.

§ One-on-one coaching affects an organization and its culture. As an executive coach from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA tells us: “Executive coaching is all about influence and impact on those around the client.”

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